When the sight of nothing punches you in the face

My car was stolen last night. My car’s practically my house at the moment. It’s super shit.

Friday and Saturday in Canberra were great fun. I visited relatives, went to Questacon, had a good first day at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition‘s Powershift conference and spent both nights having beers with new friends.

Sunday morning dawned, frosty and clear. I had a quick shower and hurried across the street, my breath clouding the air, to the public car park a couple of hundred metres from the youth hostel. As I rounded the corner, I saw – nothing. A surge of worry was immediately replaced by a hollow feeling when I saw my drink bottle, a pair of track pants and my tea towel strewn on the ground. That’s all they left. A freaking tea towel.

A stolen car’s bad enough. Losing $5000 worth of camera gear (luckily, mostly insured), all my camping gear, my surfing gear, my clothes and my guitar hurts a lot worse. Of course, it might not be gone forever. The car might have been dumped somewhere and some stuff might get retrieved. It’s hard to hold out hope.

I’m not one to let a situation bring me down though! My stay in Canberra’s going to be (forcibly) extended while I wait for any word of the car, so I’ll get to do more sightseeing than I planned. There’s a pool comp tomorrow at the hostel – booyah – and I’ll get to practice moving around without a car, which I’ll be doing from September onwards anyway in Europe. Plus, I get to go clothes shopping! Err….

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that I took my laptop and external hard drive into the hostel with me on my last trip to the car, so I’ve still got all the photos from the trip. If that had gone, I don’t think I’d be coping so well. Oh, and my favourite t-shirt was in my backpack too.

If you’re feeling any sympathy, then do me a favour: cast your vote in the August 21st election based on climate policy. At the very least, meet me halfway and vote Green in the Senate. I’m in Canberra because I want to improve our collective future – even the future of the pricks who nicked my Corolla – by reducing pollution, improving our energy infrastructure, and restructuring our economy so that it will both enhance and protect our way of life into the future. A simple, powerful (and compulsory!) way you can move Australia towards that future is with your vote.

Fingers crossed I see my little Corolla again; here’s the last photo I took of it…

The last time I saw my car... happier times.

Could this be my last road trip post? Considering I’m now backpacking (in the most literal sense of the word)… I think that tag will be retired. Vote Green!

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9 thoughts on “When the sight of nothing punches you in the face

  1. Appropriately tagged blog entry; those heartless bastards. Man this is awful news. I hope you get it all back – goodluck with that.
    I heard that David Karoly would be one of the keynote speakers? What did he have to talk about?

    • Oops… Karoly was supposed to be @ the Geelong AYCC PowerShift

      • Cheers M@. I’m going to be doing more posts about Powershift and the ideas etc from it over the next few days, there was some pretty interesting stuff. But yeah, no Karoly.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hard times, David. No doubt you’ll bounce back. New times with new tags on the horizon.

  3. Sally

    Sorry to hear that Dave! I hope they find your car and all your stuff…or at least some of it. At least you still have your laptop :)

  4. That is fucked, outrageous :(

    btw, where did you insure you camera gear ?

  5. Thanks guys, I’m coping pretty well – apparently I’ll get most stuff back through insurance, it’s just a big hassle. Rako, I’m insured via an extension of my parent’s house insurance policy… and all the documents are back in Qld so I can’t tell you much more than that!

  6. Chris

    You are coping with the setback way better than I could, Dave. it really sux to have that sort of s*#t happen. Hope Karma catches up with the thieves. Insurance companies…what a headache. Still got a great year to look forward to in UK! Keeping smiling.

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