Power Shifting Superheroes

If you heard the words “Power Shift”, what would they mean to you? Electrical cable? A political change? An AC/DC adaptor? A new boss? A killer dance move, like the Hammer Slide?

As I mentioned in my Stolen-rolla post, my visit to Canberra was a diversion from a rather self-indulgent surf trip to attend Powershift, an event run by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. With the exception of ‘that’ particularly unfortunate event, it was a really interesting weekend, along with a great chance to meet a bunch of interesting, committed young people.

The conference revolved around three main activities: guest speakers, training workshops and regional breakout planning sessions. The AYCC is a completely youth-run organisation, and the organisation reflected that. There was some very professional sections and well-facilitated sessions, while other parts revealed a bit of inexperience and the chaos of youth.

One of the lunch breaks included a mass djembe session... sweet!

Content wise, there were a few sessions which really hit me with food for thought. I hope to get time to flesh them out into posts in their own right (but too often those good intentions end up adding to my growing pile of unfinished blog drafts!).

  • The pathway to renewables in Australia; the current situation and possible ways forward
  • Face to face political lobbying; making your MP work for you
  • The personal narrative; why do I care about this issue?

The last one, particularly, gave me plenty to chew on. Other than for selfish reasons, what’s the point of me spending time worrying about climate change? How about you? What has made you passionate about the issues you care about? I leave you with the cool new AYCC ad…

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