Getting Hacked

Video might have killed the radio star, but that doesn’t mean talkback radio has taken too much of a hit. One show that I rate as the best radio journalism for youth affairs (among a sadly small field) is triple J’s Hack. So, I was pretty stoked when they gave me a call on Monday to see if I wanted to say a few words about climate change when they announced their Straw Poll results.

Err, hold on. What’s the Straw Poll? Hack have been running a vote thus far in the election campaign so that young people can nominate the issues that matter the most for them. I voted climate change, which topped the poll – it’s always nice to know other people think the same as me!

If you want to hear what I said, you can listen to the show with me on it (at the end of Monday) or, better yet, check out the whole program about climate change (Tuesday). This is what I said:

KATE: Tell us, what made you vote for climate change in the straw poll?

DAVID: Well, I mean I guess there’s probably two major reasons. One is that I’m Australian, so I mean, we’re part of the problem, we stand to lose a lot from climate change, and we’re also in a really good economic position and environmental position to act on it. I guess the second part is that I’m one of 3 billion people around the world under 30 so I’m hoping to live for another 50 years, and I don’t want my future, and everyone else’s, to be dogged by environmental, political and social problems that we really could be acting to prevent now.

KATE: And this is going to affect your vote this year?

DAVID: Certainly is, yeah, I mean I think there some are reasonable differences in the policies between the two major parties but their climate change policies are both quite weak, so I’ll, yeah, be voting on climate and I’d encourage a lot of young people around the world who are worried about that kind of issue to do the same.

Self-dissection: I need to cut the ums, yeahs, I means and I guesses. I was a bit unsure as to whether I could explicitly endorse the Greens in the second part so I danced around saying that a bit… but they’re the only legitimate political option if climate change is a major concern for you . If you’re a young person, or someone with children, it should be!

If you listen to the Tuesday program (do it!) you’ll hear from a member of the Climate Skeptics party, who, in addition to ignoring the problem, believe that the Murray-Darling Basin problem can be solved by stopping fresh water flowing into the oceans by placing dams. That’s a ‘solution’ (‘turn the rivers inland!’) which has been mooted for decades, but is completely environmentally, economically and technically unfeasible. It would appear the Climate Skeptics don’t understand the basics of environmental management. Excuse me while I die of shock.

In case you’re unconvinced, 2010 continues to break records for hottest global temperatures, as predicted by climate scientists decades ago.

Anyway, jibes at skeptics aside, I’m happy that my first radio appearance (well, there was Super Request last week… I’ve become a JJJ whore) was about an issue I care deeply about.

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3 thoughts on “Getting Hacked

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the “um”s etc – you were more coherent than Roderick and he is/was a member of the Libs.
    I feel the same – I don’t entirely endorse the Greens, but they are the only party that has any worthwhile plans to address climate change.
    I’ve spoken to Nathan Ashby in the past – when I noticed his hand painted election posters on a number of light posts. Climate scepticism is for him a fashionable statement – ie. his party is willing to go against the flow. It is of course rubbish and when pressed he admitted that his evidence base is the typical handful of scientists such as Lindzen etc.
    I got annoyed with his proposal of extra dams – the lochs are a major problem already, which don’t allow fish movement across the river systems (ie. reducing genetic flow) and measures to counteract this have costed millions and arguably have caused more problems.
    Extra dams = extra problems and will mean nothing without an increased flow. Nathan demonstrates his ecological ignorance.
    Sorry… he bugs me…
    I’m the same about J and the Hack show and am envious, somewhat, that you got your voice out there on an important issue – I with I had the chance when they were going down the river as the MDB is close to my heart!

  2. Yeah, it was pretty dumb luck really, I can’t remember my comment when I voted on the straw poll but it was obviously OK so they contacted me!

    I do find myself going to the Greens with an ‘any port in a storm’ mentality; I support their climate change policy, but my dealings with the Green party in person have been a bit frustrating (that may be politics in general though).

    And yeah, I couldn’t believe the dams comment. How sad. I just need to work on my radio voice!

    • I’d say if your comment was anything like your writing here, you would’ve stood out.
      I have to agree. I’ve for a long time sided with Greens (and to a less extent, Labour) not because I side with the party, but that their policies have many ticks for environmental management and equality. Where we differ is more on the general politics and the passionate enthusiasm of the party. However, I find that it happens frequently when I talk to “greenies”. We argue the same points, generally, but I do with far less, passion I suppose… I’m more concerned about sustainability and biodiversity protection rather than shedding a tear for the loss of a 400 year old gum.
      Nathan and his party are an odd bunch. Apparently one of the environmental scientists in my building is related to the Ashby’s (Nathan’s father is also in the party). I’ve been told that you just don’t bother talking climate science with them. Climate change denial is appalling. South Aussies too that talk about the MDB in such a way is just as absurd. They should know better.


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