The race to be the least worst

I recently heard a commentator say that the current election campaign has the parties racing to be the least worst. Labour’s doing their best to attack Abbott, Abbott is scaremongering and promising solutions to problems that don’t exist or can’t be fixed, and it’s all very depressing. There’s still hope though; I think there’s a genuine third party emerging, The Greens.

The policy differences between the two major parties are actually substantial – the National Broadband Network, for example, is a huge point of difference. The Coalition plans to leave the development of internet technology to the market, but has the opposite view on regulating carbon pollution. However, these policy differences have been sidelined by petty squabbling and the inflation of the asylum seeker issue, which really doesn’t influence a vast majority of ordinary Australians, yet somehow grabs headlines day after day.

I find myself so dissatisfied with the situation that I’ve looked more closely at the Greens party platform, over and above their usual stomping ground, the environment. It turns out that they’re pushing for some solid change in social issues and health, which I agree with. Check out this 30 second spot.

It’s always been tough for third parties in Australia to crack anything more than the balance of power in the Senate, but I’d love to see a solid swing towards a party willing to engage with me in an adult way. I hate having scaremongering and personal attacks shoved down my throat on TV, radio and in papers. Labour and the Coalition won’t win my vote by being the ‘least worst’. They’ll only win it back if they start looking to the future and making strong decisions to protect and enhance Australia’s prospects. As it stands, the Greens will be getting my vote – I don’t agree with all of their policies, but they’re promoting ideas that go beyond opinion poll swings and the three year election cycle, and for that I applaud them.

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