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Have you ever seen an elephant doing star jumps behind a political journalist? It’s the elephant in the room – what could it possibly mean? Watch this video, then read on, to find out (the best bit starts at 2:00).

The AYCC‘s ‘Elephant in the Room’ initiative is based on the idea that there’s a huge issue – climate change – which is being all but ignored by the two major parties in the current election campaign. Young Australians face another 40 or 50 years living here, and on that timescale, climate change is the single largest challenge to the economy, agriculture, quality of living, transport costs, asylum seeker arrivals, extreme weather events and infrastructure in Australia and around the world. I’m not being pessimistic when I say that, I’m being realist – it’s that big.

Despite this, Julia Gillard has postponed strong action and abdicated responsibility to 150 laypeople, while Tony Abbott’s plan is to use government (read: our taxpayer) dollars to offset emissions generated by large, profit-making polluters. Both parties have the laughable target of a 5% emissions cut by 2020, when a 25-40% cut is necessary to keep the probability of avoiding dangerous climate change at a reasonable level.

I’m not going to vote for what will benefit me in just the next 3 years – I don’t think that’s what politics should be about. I view my vote as an investment in my future, an investment as real as a monetary purchase, because a democratically elected government with a mandate to take the global lead in tackling climate change is worth more to me than anything I could afford to buy.

If you’re a young person, I encourage you to vote Green to protect your future. If you’ve got a family, do it for your children. If you’re older, then make your legacy a future in which the next generation can enjoy the same quality of life as you have. Best of all, show the Labour and Coalition that we’re sick of being talked down to with childish attack ads and self-serving, short sighted policy – maybe we can convince them to lift their game so that we have a real choice in future elections.

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5 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Politics

  1. …or if you have children!
    Corey Bradshaw (of ConservatiobBytes) tweeted, “It takes 3 years to vote out an idiot, but it could take a millennium to repair the ecological damage!”
    Greens all the way. Give Bob Brown and his party a loud enough voice and we’ll actually have strong leadership and proactive governance. :)

    • I agree. I think the old democrats slogan “Keeping the bastards honest” was a good one for a third party – when the two main parties degenerate as badly as they have, we need someone else to show them how to think ahead and represent the people that vote for them. In this election, it’s the Greens.

  2. Zzz

    Elephants make for bad politics… Especially when you’re relying on votes from both poachers… AND whoever the opposite of poachers are.

    It’s great for a party to have really beneficial long term policies… But they cant implement anything if they lose… So around election time they need to choose their topics wisely so they can still count on votes from the ignorant/selfish general public.

    Gaining votes from the intelligent minority at the expense of larger groups doesn’t win elections.

    But, while I understand why the big two are ignoring the elephant, I’ll definitely be going Green in the senate. “keep em honest”.

    • You’re right; from a practical perspective, I don’t think the Greens will gain anything more than the balance of power in the Senate (and by some freak chance maybe a seat in Reps but unlikely). Still, it’s better than a motley crew of independents having the Senate balance (read: Steve Fielding). Democracy really is important, and a realistic third party helps it function…

  3. Nathan

    I’m completely in favor of greens holding the balance of power. I’d be very surprised if that doesn’t happen.

    I might be a little nervous if they won the election though! (but I’d love to see Bob’s face)


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