A breath of fresh air

I’ve been thinking and talking about politics too much this week. Today’s a day to get a bit of perspective; one perspective is this view of Depot Beach on the South Coast!

You're going to need to click on this one to see it full size... it's a 50-shot stitch, my most ambitious yet!

On Tuesday I volunteered for the National Science Week‘s Griffith Science Trivia Challenge. It was a full day event with three student groups from years 6 to 12. The evening session, with the year 10/11/12 group, had 60 teams of 4 students plus about 15 teacher teams. I was in charge of tallying the scores and keeping the leaderboard up to date – a lot of Excel manipulation, but pretty straightforward.

Overall it was heaps of fun, with a good atmosphere, loads of prizes given away, some cool science show experiments and some outstanding displays of trivia knowledge. One student team had taken out the trophy for the past 2 years, as year 10s and then year 11s, and this year, the same school’s year 10 team beat the reigning year 12 team for the title! Very impressive stuff.

Head over to the Science Week website if you’re in Australia and see if there’s an event near you – there’s everything from kid’s stuff to adults only nights. I’m hoping to attend the science festival this weekend at Southport, partly to check it out but also to enjoy the perfect winter weather and take my mind off the election!

Broulee Nature Reserve on a stunning South Coast winter afternoon. Click for full size...

I'll bet these guys don't have Skippy running ad campaigns in their electorate!

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4 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air

  1. Beautiful stitch image! Am going to try something similar (on a smaller scale though!) on our next Kalahari trip.

    • Thanks! If there’s one thing I learned about photo stitching on my trip, it’s that the software deals best with images that aren’t very wide on their own. Any kind of lens distortion will cause obvious edges.

      I tended to shoot at 22mm or more (on a 1.6x crop body) with a small aperture to minimise distortion. The crop above was using my 50mm lens – time consuming to take so many photos, but much easier to align them!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Will definitely have to get some practice at home first. What software did you use?

    • I used the automated photostitch in Photoshop CS3, which I’ve found is much better than the Canon photostitch software supplied with my 40D. However it’s mostly about getting the shots right – like you say, practice is key! I’m still getting the hang of it.


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