Running around half naked

It’s the last day of winter. This morning was cool, calm and overcast. A perfect day to go to the beach, wear boardies, go for a run and then a bodysurf, right? Especially because the surf was pumping!

Err, or not. This is Straddie, back in that lovely season called Autumn. Today was flat.

Despite the lack of waves, I made the most of it, because I won’t be frolicking in board shorts on the last day of winter in London in 6 months time. Not without risking frostbite or arrest, at least. I’m pretty much positive I won’t be seeing many of these either…

The moment where the lip of the wave detonates against the rest of the ocean...

On a more serious note, have you seen Inception yet? Whether you have or not, check out this trailer for a spinoff movie… Prevention…

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2 thoughts on “Running around half naked

  1. naww wheres the half- nude pix? =P

    • Bahaha, yeah including the word naked in the title was an experiment, my hits went up… you just have to imagine it I’m afraid.


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