Backflips and Birds

Two interesting little things on the agenda today, and they both make me smile. First up is the acrobatics of the well-known skeptical environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg. He’s long made the case that environmental protection, especially climate change of late, isn’t cost effective, and that taking action isn’t warranted. Basically, he’s been a strong defender of the status quo. He’s not someone who outright ignores science and evidence, and has always accepted that man-made global warming is occurring, but didn’t seem to consider it a worry.

Until now. He’s about to publish a book calling for strong action on climate change. This is a win for both people involved in climate change campaigning but also, hopefully, the world at large – Lomborg’s publications and ideas are often held up as one of few ‘credible’ voices against taking action to curb emissions, and now he’s changed his tune. About time, and welcome to the team, Bjorn. I hope your book and your call for action doesn’t go unheard.

Another less academic, more awesome thing to check out: the wildlife of Lake Broadwater, as shot by my friend Nic. Stunning photos (as usual) which set the bar high, and make me want to get better with my own attempts! And to thank you for reading this far, here’s an old archive photo I found today of Crooked Neck in the Glasshouse Mountains… never before seen!

Click to view big, then imagine you're standing on a hillside taking in the view... the smell of eucalypts and a gentle breeze on a balmy Autumn day...

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2 thoughts on “Backflips and Birds

  1. M@

    From an angle the mountain strongly resembles like a gorilla – you notice it more when you’re driving past it.


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