Adios, Au revoir, Catch Ya Layda Maaate

Having spent a crazy couple of days sorting and rationalising my past 6 years worth of ‘stuff’ accumulation into 30kg of luggage and a box or two of stuff to store, I’m pretty well ready to go.

The Gold Coast has been good to me; a degree and several years of work, with stacks of friends made along the way – many of whom I hope I keep in touch with for the rest of my life! Until recently, I felt like a part of the furniture at the School of Environment at Griffith, which was cool, because there’s lots of interesting people and stuff going on all the time. I’ve gone from a 16 year old, not even able to get into a pub until halfway through my second year of Uni, to a 23 year old with a major passion for science and a will to make a difference while I explore the world.

I’ve also got a shiny new Canon 7D, a flight coming up in 8 hours and an itinerary for Ireland, Scotland and then a mad few weeks finding my feet at Imperial College. I can’t guarantee regular blogs, but I can guarantee that in the next month I’ll have some stories to tell, so stay tuned! I’ll leave you for now with a little slideshow of shots from around the Goldy over the past few years…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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7 thoughts on “Adios, Au revoir, Catch Ya Layda Maaate

  1. bye =(

  2. John

    Have the best time, and change the world! Will miss you, bodyboarding coach.

  3. M@

    Nice compilation of pics Dave; When I saw the double rainbow I flipped out like this guy:
    (early signs of PhD psychoses).
    I wish I had the opportunity to travel and or take a few months off before I started this leg of the academic journey.
    When does your course start over in the UK?

  4. Chris

    Will miss you so much Dave. Loved your Gold Coast shots. Great times. Enjoy every exciting moment in London. Love you.

  5. Tanya Granger

    Hey Dave,

    Hope you have a great time and I know you will do well. I am one of the few people who have seen you grow up from when your mum told me she was pregnant to now. Look after yourself and stay in touch. Love Tanya and Hadyn

  6. Thanks everyone. Flight was OK, no sleep unfortunately but I made it (and there was a tube strike when I arrived so getting to the hotel was tricky, not what I wanted to deal with when I was that tired!)

    M@, the course starts on Oct 4th, so I have 3 weeks or so to travel in the meantime.

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