Flaring Up

I threw the bottle into the air, tracking its flight and fall into the steel mixing cup in my right hand. In a smooth movement, I flicked the cup over, slinging the bottle back up and into my other hand. Continuing the movement, I spun and tossed the cup behind my back and over my shoulder. It spun wildly and I reached out to grab it to complete the trick. As I snatched the cup out of the air, the steel rim smacked into my thumb, breaking the skin and sending the cup clattering to the floor.

I winced. My first flaring lesson wasn’t going too well.Having spent the morning strolling around London taking photos in the glorious sunshine, a rain shower had driven me inside. I found myself in the hostel common room, chatting to the random backpackers there. One was a young English barman who was learning the tricks of flaring, and he had some practice gear. Within minutes bottles and cups were whizzing through the air in a very amateurish way as we all had a go. London, eh?

After a stroll around Kensington to find dinner with a Canadian girl who’d studied philosophy and was now doing a PhD in statistics (eh?), I repacked my suitcases to keep them under the nasty Ryanair limit and went to sleep. The next day, I fought through the bustle at the airport (with an excess baggage charge of 20 pounds per kilo, I was sweating on my suitcase… 15.0kg on a 15kg limit! Booyah!) to make it to Ireland. Since then… good times! Here’s a few pictures; more to come…

A stormcloud over the Galway coastline.

A perfect afternoon for a late lunch in Clifton.

The Cliffs of Moher. Click to see the full size... look for the people at the top of the cliff.

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One thought on “Flaring Up

  1. Chris

    You lucky b*#@! Fantastic scenery and experiences.


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