Irish Landscapes

This is a post with lots of pictures. If you like pictures, you will (hopefully) like this post!

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3 thoughts on “Irish Landscapes

  1. Great shots. My girlfriend and I are planning to move to Galway at the start of 2011 for a year or so. Seems like there’s some surf over that way, although I expect it’ll be a tad bit cooler than NSW!
    Did you get/see any waves?

  2. So.

  3. Only, like, two cats M@!

    Thanks Dylan. There are definitely waves around here, but lots of wind. From what I can gather, to get the really good waves requires patience, flexibility and knowledge of the conditions. I’ve seen a few OK beachies around the place but not knowing the reef landscape haven’t really checked much else. The best bet would be to make friends with the locals and get a thick wetty!

    Galway’s really cool though, I reckon you’ll like it.


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