Savage craic in Ireland

Weather in Ireland changes faster than Superman changes outfits. For our first couple of days, the sun mostly fought its way out between the low-flying clouds. We made the most of it, exploring the sights of Galway by day and experiencing the city by night. You’ll see plenty of photos of our day trips, so it’s the story of the nights that need telling!

Roving the streets of Galway...

For starters, my beverage palate has broadened considerably. I’d managed to hold off trying Guinness until I could get it served to me in a real Irish pub. In the past 3 days, several litres have pleased my taste buds and assaulted my liver. That’s not to say my introduction to cider wasn’t fun, too. It was. I even had a glass of wine with dinner last night. What’s happening to me?

Kelly's, our shelter and house of sin.

Our first night in Galway was a late start; we didn’t have food until 9:30pm and sipped our first Guinness at ten. The venue of choice was  the nearest pub we could find, to escape a sudden rain shower. It turned out we’d lucked in to a very cool little spot. We soaked in the ambience and music while our stomachs soaked in dinner and drinks. It was all pretty chilled out until Pat went to get the fourth round of pints. In the blink of an eye, a group of four locals descended on our table and kicked off those classic pub conversations about life, the universe and nothing much.

Memoirs of a night before.

I ended up having an extended yarn (no idea what we talked about) to a Hurling player, who enthusiastically bought us rounds of vodkas. We ended up at the group’s house at 4am, bashing drunkenly at guitars for a while before things finally went quiet and we got a taxi home. Sore heads were the inevitable result, but we agreed all’s fair it if the craic is good.

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3 thoughts on “Savage craic in Ireland

  1. Chris

    You boozy little git!

  2. The 2nd picture is pretty sick, the colors and comp are great !

  3. Cheers Nic, it was one of those lucky street shots really, I wanted a photo of the pub and had to walk out into traffic to get back far enough for the 30mm, just as the guy walked past. Worked well!


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