40 shades of green, plus the whole rainbow

Green, white and orange don’t even begin to cover the visual feast of Ireland on a sunny autumn day. I’ve been stunned at how colourful the towns are – bold, cheery rebellion against an often bleak landscape and climate.

The towns themselves are characterised by long, unbroken rows of townhouses, painted in all kinds of hues to make each house or shop unique. The narrow streets wind through the bright townhouse rows, with unpredictable one-way streets or counterintuitive give way signs, creating a maze of quaintly decorated avenues to navigate. Small shopfronts open into twisting rooms full of everything you could want, though woollen clothes and Guinness are particularly common!

Enjoy this splash of colour – there’s more coming, including a trip to kiss the Blarney stone, our exploration of Dingle and the Ring of Kerry, and of course tales of the Listowel Races and the amazing hospitality we’ve been enjoying! I just need to catch my breath and get half an hour to write about them…

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3 thoughts on “40 shades of green, plus the whole rainbow

  1. Some cool travel shots as usual ! keep on the UK travelling news !

  2. Chris

    Since when did YOU need to kiss the Blarney Stone? Keep the lovely images coming.

  3. Yeah, I am so full of Blarney that there was a repulsive force between me and the stone, like two equivalent poles of magnets!


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