The Duo Series: 4

Dingle is a town with a great name and a very scenic peninsula to explore. There’s lots to see, with heaps of old structures like beehive huts and forts (many of which feature in the silly Album Cover series I put up recently). Here’s a couple of shots from the Dingle area – a true seaside town.

A heavy, low cloud hangs over the countryside... a remarkable sight, common in this area though!

You'll need to click for the slightly larger version of this one - the clouds were forming on the left and racing across the mountain range to the right, making a dynamic backdrop to the bay.

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3 thoughts on “The Duo Series: 4

  1. jarrah95

    these series are awesome, since you started them ive been looking for them on facebook everyday!

    • Cheers! I like having to limit myself to just 2 shots and think about why I took them… kind of better than just dumping 20 at a time.

  2. Chris

    I want to live in Dingle. It is so pretty.


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