The Duo Series: 5

As I mentioned in the previous Duo post, Dingle is a seaside town. There’s plenty of things to see and do, and not far out of the town there’s some spectacular scenes. Having checked out the township, including the church in the centre of Dingle, we headed out to the cliffs. Gulls soared in the stiff breeze, occasionally stopping to check out the cars when sightseers stopped. The bird pictured happened to be standing in front of the Sleeping Man, an island said to resemble a sleeping giant… can you spot the resemblance?

The cloud behind the church had a remarkably soft edge - the fade from white to blue is completely real. It was one of the most interesting sky effects I've seen in a shot I've taken...

The Sleeping Man in the background, along with some of the spectacular cliffs... git out of the way, Gull!

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2 thoughts on “The Duo Series: 5

  1. Gull’s response: “This is my best side, don’t you think?”!

    Really looks like he thinks he ought to be part of the photo.

  2. Chris

    I thought the gull said “Got any hot chips?”


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