The Duo Series: 8

It’s time to get creepy. Edinburgh’s a town with a dark past; ghostly tales abound, and the Castle has stood through many bad times. Even during the day, I was walking the steep streets aware of the buried tunnels and lives below.


I stood at the top of the stairs, gripping the polished wooden banister tightly. The stairs were illuminated in a ghostly light, the shadow resembling skeletal ribs. Shady figures lurked below and dim light seeped in through the far window. I took a step forward...



The streets of Edinburgh hide a buried past, yet the history is tangible throughout the city.


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3 thoughts on “The Duo Series: 8

  1. Chris

    Isn’t Edinburgh a great, atmospheric place to visit!

  2. Using the black & white for the street scene definitely gave it more atmosphere. Going to try some black & white, and sepia shots myself.

    Take a look at this blog post for some interesting sepia shots:

  3. Thanks for the comment Lisa – that post is bittersweet. Such a good connection between the changing of the seasons and the personal journey of loss.

    And yes, Edinburgh is amazing!


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