The Duo Series: 9

I need a bit of sunshine and fresh air after that last post! These are more typical tourist shots; the common link between them is that they originally had very high contrast between the shady and sunny areas, which I dropped down to make the overall shot more complete. It’s not a technique I use often – contrast’s usually a good thing – but I like the effect with these shots.

Late evening sunlight bathes the Castle in a golden glow, while the fountain tumbles on...

This part of the Royal Mile would be the place where news and declarations were read - the internet makes such theatrics obsolete now!

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2 thoughts on “The Duo Series: 9

  1. Chris

    I miss you most on my days off! Your pictures cheer me up.

  2. Unfortunately I won’t have as many pictures to post now as I did over the past months! Instead it will be tales of derring-do (like catching the night bus…) and comment on science and communication. With the odd photo thrown in. There’s a large squirrel population in the cemetery next door, I need to go introduce them to my camera.


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