The Duo Series: 10, and fin

I’ve saved my best for last. Well, perhaps not – I have a soft spot for many of the shots in this series! These two both fit the theme of the Duo series perfectly, and more than that, bring you up to date with where I’m at.


Halfway through my first week at Imperial, I had to cross Hyde Park on sunset to go to volleyball. The scene was stunning; that magical half hour where the sky is still fiery, but the artifical lights are able to catch up. The Albert Monument and the Royal Albert Hall: memory and music. I must insist you click on the image to view it large, as intended!



Simplicity. The changing of the season; the contrast of light and dark; the clash between nature and the built environment; read into it what you will!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series – thanks for your comments along the way! It’s made me think more carefully about the meaning behind each shot I post, and to be a bit more critical of my images. Now that I’ve settled down to study, the tone of this blog is likely to change, but have no fear, there will be plenty of photos in the coming year!

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4 thoughts on “The Duo Series: 10, and fin

  1. 2 really cool shots. Mood-full :)

  2. Liked the second one with the leaves a lot.

    Pity this is the end of the series . . .

  3. Peter

    good stuff david. really enjoyed the walk down memory lane by proxy.

    some of those photos are stunning. i’d like to ask permission to use some of these as a desktop image. at the moment i have a photo of the mighty saints hoisting the nrl premiership cup, but i will grow bored with that in a few years…

    • Thanks Pete! Feel free to use them as your desktops – click through to the large size and save the images. Maybe once the Ashes start your mind will wander from the Dragons and I doubt you’ll be wanting Doug Bollinger as a background…


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