Forget it, Dave! It’s Chinatown!

You want statistics? You want STATISTICS? You can’t handle the statistics! In the 40 days since I purchased my new Canon 7D…

Yes, those are lovehearts on the wall, and I don't know if the picture of Elvis is visible... Photo by Pat.

  • Photos taken: 2600
  • Countries been in: 5
  • Different beds slept in: 12
  • Nights spent sleeping under a disco ball: 4
  • Tube lines ridden: 4
  • Ancient castles visited: 3
  • New alcoholic beverages tried: 6
  • Nights since moving into Clayponds Village: 12
  • Nights spent out past midnight socialising since moving into Clayponds Village: 10
  • Currencies used: 3
  • Songs sung at karaoke: 6
  • Songs sung poorly at karaoke: 6
  • Hours spent in classes: 25
  • Blogs posted: 30
  • Blog hits: 1800
  • Times I’ve had to explain what a Science Communication degree is: too many
  • Guitars played: 6
  • Items in this list: 21
  • Friends made: lots
  • Bullseyes hit on dartboards: 1
  • Moments where I’ve missed home: 3

And there you have it. Enlightening, isn’t it?

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5 thoughts on “Forget it, Dave! It’s Chinatown!

  1. Chris

    Only 3!

    • Well, when I’ve REALLY missed home. They were last friday, as well as the moment when I was catching the train out to Clayponds and realised I had pretty much all of my material possessions with me, but no home or friends… and Drive by Incubus came on my iPod. Awwww. Plus when I was describing Pretty Beach to someone and I realised just how much I’d gotten used to the wide open, wild space of Australia…

  2. jarrah95

    only 2600 photos in 40 days, what happened?????
    sounds like you’ve had a great time

  3. John

    What is a science communication degree, anyway?!? 2600 photos means your Duo Series could have gone on for 3 years and 215 days!!

  4. I think the Duo series would have gotten old by then, but it’s a good stat! Jarrah, it’s been pretty mad so far – trying to tally up this post made me realise just how much I’ve fitted in. Now I need to do some work!


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