We ain’t in Kansas anymore

Yesterday, I clipped my toenails. Normally I wouldn’t rate that as significant enough to blog about, but it was the most important act of toenail-clipping I’ve ever done. The little steel blades cut off the last physical reminder of my Aussie road trip: a lump of swamp mud that got lodged under the middle of a cracked toenail during our 4-day Bathurst Bay ordeal. It’s slowly grown out – I can now say that my toenails grow at a rate of approximately 3mm per month.

In light of this momentous occasion, I’m trialling a new blog theme. Dark background, larger column width for image display and a few other changes. It’s not customised to my liking yet, so bear with me for a while!

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3 thoughts on “We ain’t in Kansas anymore

  1. I have the same thing with a savaged toe nail during field work in mangroves 6Month ago, can’t wait to clip the end of the story haha :)

    Like the theme by the way.

  2. Like the new theme – really shows off photos well.

    The toenail story: Maybe a little too much information! ;-)

  3. Chris

    Theme good, but keep working on it. Like the column width. Toenails-how low can you go!


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