It’s all the little things: two!

Life’s settling down. I’m listening to the absurdly loud tick of my 25p alarm clock, sipping a glass of juice and slowing my brain down after picking through and ‘coding’ 70 news articles for the year’s first assignment. It’s a sunny day, 10 degrees, but something’s not right.

My first impressions of London were captured three weeks ago. Now it’s time to update the list.

  • Light switches that dangle from the roof. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve felt around on the wall in the dark, swatting away the annoying cord that’s getting in the way, until it has (mentally and physically) clicked.
  • Layer up, and strip ‘er down. What did seven years on the Gold Coast get me? A complete lack of appreciation for the simple skill of wearing multiple layers of clothing. It’s a whole new dimension of clothing management that I wasn’t prepared for at all!
  • Toilets that flush using a lever on the side. We don’t have these Down Under. They irritate me.
  • People with hobbies. The Gold Coast is, well, pretty bland. Almost everyone loves the beach, which is great, but the number of things people do over here is blowing my mind. It might be that I’m in a self-selected bunch of busybodies (introverted people don’t study science comms) but it seems like everyone plays some kind of instrument or sport, or both, or has some other kind of secret superpower, like running a magazine or having a serious affection for medium format cameras.
Camera or artillery? You decide… Credit: OverdeaR, Flickr.
  • Stuff happening. It’s out of control. Gigs I want to see, science communication events, galleries, displays, talks, clubs, societies, places to go, sports to participate in… if I ever post here and say I’m bored in London, please hunt me down and slap me in the face!

With that, I’m off to volleyball practice. Who knows, on the way I might be ambushed by a street dance troupe or end up in the background of an amateur documentary…

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4 thoughts on “It’s all the little things: two!

  1. Chris

    Was that a complaint or are you bragging about being where people are really ‘living’, as opposed to waiting for the next installment of ‘Packed to the Rafters’?

    • I wouldn’t say they’re all complaints, they’re things I just notice are different. There’s no possible way to say ‘yes’ to all the things people ask if you want to do over here.

  2. About people in England having lots of hobbies: Got to have something to do during those long winter months!

    I spent a winter in Northern Europe, and when you don’t see the sun for 3 or 4 months, you go crazy! Then come the summer months and EVERYBODY is outside.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head – I’ve been really lucky so far (crossed fingers), the weather’s been very warm for October, but soon daylight saving ends, the weather will turn for the worse and all those hobbies will come in handy!


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