IRIDIUM: Maybe filler, but it’s killer

It’s been a while since I’ve used another person’s content on my blog, and this is REALLY worth it. It’s an amazing video, with cinematography by Murray Fredericks, from my home state, South Australia. It was all shot out in the desert at Lake Eyre, with some of the most fantastic timelapse work I’ve seen.

I’d recommend activating HD, waiting for it to load and putting it to full screen. If you’re pressed for time, skip to 4 minutes, or REALLY pressed for time, skip to 6 minutes – the last scene is phenomenal – but it’s worth sitting back and taking in the full clip.

The only drawback, for me, is that there’s not much going on in the foreground for a lot of shots – the majesty of the sky is stunning, but on a flat desert lake there isn’t a lot to draw the eye. Keep an eye out for the rise and fall of the tides though – very cool!

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One thought on “IRIDIUM: Maybe filler, but it’s killer

  1. Chris

    What a truly beautiful place this world is.


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