Lost in a weekend dream

Can you take a minute to lose yourself in my dream? It’s a place you’ve probably never been, at a moment in time that will never be repeated. It’s one of an infinite series of places and moments that live on only in memories or dreams; if we forget them, they are lost to time.

You’ve woken up to a frozen wonderland. The entrance to the wilderness is framed by the sunburst of dawn. The dirt road disappears into the mist, but you’re not moving on… yet. (click for wallpaper size)
You pause. The first rays of sunlight are melting the frost from the leaves, with glistening drops marking the new day.
Looking up, you walk forwards, footfalls crunching on the frost. Your breath forms clouds in the air. Silence is absolute.
You pass an abandoned stock pen. It’s still icy. Crouching for a closer look, you run your finger along the surface of the wood, the veneer of crystals shattering and melting under your touch.

You take a deep breath. Crisp, clean air – there isn’t a town for a hundred miles. The fog slowly burns off, leaving in its wake a cold, sunny day. And that’s where your imagination has to take over – thanks for visiting my memory of New England National Park.

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