Robertson Roulette – 194

This is the 194th photo I took with a digital SLR camera.

A bat in Sydney’s botanic gardens. Cute little fellas until they start making noise.

I’ve been kind of busy with an assignment for the past few days… so this is just a way of killing time until my next real post! If you comment and throw a number at me between 1 and 10 000, I will dredge up the corresponding shot from my archive and post it (there are gaps in my archive as I delete some shots, so it’s weighted to the house, so to speak). Give it a spin!

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10 thoughts on “Robertson Roulette – 194

  1. m@


  2. Smart alec! I’ve got three IMG_0001s, and will put them all up tonight – my first 40D image, the 10000th image (when the counter ticked back over) and my first 7D image.

    Any other takers?

  3. Nice shot with the sadhow on his lil face!!! #976 If you will please?

  4. #42 please :)))

  5. will

    #7777 please

  6. mattycoze

    I wonder if this gravatar thing works for me… M@

  7. Chris

    #666 So cliche!


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