Weekend Dream Series: Bawley Point

I saw every side of Bawley Point in the few short weeks I spent there. I camped in a maelstrom of wild gales, sat in awe of enormous storm swells, explored the beaches on stunning, clear days and shivered on freezing nights. I miss the adventure and the solitude; the privacy of a headland to myself, the occasional curiosity of the friendly local kangaroos.

A surging lump of ocean unloads on the outer reef, the roar of the waves carried on a violent southerly wind.

After the storm, a walk on the beach reveals pristine white sand, marred only by the occasional lonely pebble…
Back at the campsite, the sun breaks through. The kangaroos do what they do; calmly chewing grass after emerging from the shelter of the bush.
The clouds blow over to reveal a full sky of stars. From the headland, the glow of Bateman’s Bay is visible, but kilometres of pristine coast lie in between.
As suddenly as it arrived, the swell disappears. Travelling surfers hang out at the check spots, hoping the elements will combine once more for rideable waves.

I’ll be back one day. For now, I have my photos, but more importantly, I have my memories – a few of which you can now imagine, too!

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Dream Series: Bawley Point

  1. Peter

    my parents have a cabin in a caravan park at bawley point. that stretch of coast from ulladulla to bateman’s bay is one of my favourite parts of australia. sadly, i have only been there once in the last 15 years, but i was in and around ulladulla for most school holidays while i was growing up so i have a truckload of memories of the area too.

    • It’s a great spot. I started to feel at home at the Pretty Beach campsite… so quiet in winter but just stunning. Maybe my parents could buy a cabin down there (hint hint).

  2. Chris

    Or maybe they will think it is too cold!


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