Roulette 2: Sharks, Sunsets and Supertubes

A very mixed bag this week! From a shark on the Gold Coast, to a sunset in Weipa and then on to a cheesy group photo in Scotland, it’s all there. Will almost scored a serious hit with #450, which brought back some nice memories, but alas it’s actually a boring photo I took that was next to a cool scene I’d been shooting. Kostas entered the game via facebook with lucky #13, which turned out to be of me (shot by John), while snagging a bonus shot in the process…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Put your nominations for next week in a comment here, or I’ll call for them again next Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Roulette 2: Sharks, Sunsets and Supertubes

  1. I thought the “shark shot” was going to be one taken from your surfboard . . . Sorry, I’m a little obsessed with sharks. Lots of Great Whites where I live.

    Lovely sunset one with the clouds and reflections.

  2. Chris

    How cool was #666 and a bonus shark!


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