Camden in Colour

Processing photos can be tough, especially when I like the look of them two very different ways. Colour, or black and white? These are a few from a very cool afternoon and evening, first at the Camden Markets with the Imperial Photo Society, then on a stroll through the canals to King’s Cross. Did I make the right choice using colour?

Sunshine breaks out of the stormclouds at the market entrance.

I had to wait for a while to get a reaction shot…
The market didn’t lack cheesy tourist shops and incense.
I also couldn’t resist cheesy pigeon shots.
Tom and I went for a wander along the canals after the group dissipated, which was a good choice.
Couples were out in force, taking advantage of the gorgeous evening.
The autumn colours were spectacular.
We ended up all the way along at King’s Cross, as the sun set under Daylight Savings for the last time of the year…
A glance back the way we’d come. Good way to spend an afternoon!
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5 thoughts on “Camden in Colour

  1. Kostas

    Hm…apart from a couple (the more “autumn colour” ones) I would like most of them more in B&W me thinks. The incense one in particular.

    • Yes, I processed most of them both ways, the lines and shapes are quite striking in many of the canal shots. I might put a few B+W ones up on Flickr when I get around to it for comparison!

  2. M@

    I lolled pretty hard @ the comment with the horses. Nice pics – I didn’t know people still had those long-boats (excuse my ignorance) in the locks, but they’d be awesome to have. Richard Branson lived out of one for a couple of years when he was setting up his first Virgin records store (according to his biography).

  3. Chris

    I loved the autumnal canal shots.

  4. Agree with the others – the autumn canal shots are good in colour.

    “Tom and I went for a wander . . .”: Nice reflection one. The reflection looks like a watercolour painting of the original.


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