Monday Roulette: Strippers and JK Rowling

You heard me! Unfortunately there weren’t many entries this week, probably due to the extremely boring, late post yesterday calling for entries. You might as well make your nominations for next week by commenting here now! Pick a number, 1-10000…

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5 thoughts on “Monday Roulette: Strippers and JK Rowling

  1. Peter

    well i scored a couple of my favourite places…

    for next week 44 and 6691.

  2. Kostas

    Slipped my mind! 2467 it is.

  3. M@

    7272, 2233, 9002 :p

  4. Jonny K

    1112, 3445 and 6825.

    Elephant Room’s nice, if overrated

  5. Awesome! Some good shots selected in there… though unfortunately Kostas picked a boring one. Of course you’ll have to wait a week to see them.


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