When someone great is gone

Even though I knew to be prepared for the news, finding out about the passing of my grandfather this week was a shock. To be halfway around the world from the rest of my family made me feel somehow divorced from everything, and it took a few days to sink in. For my London friends who might have noticed I’ve been less than my usual self this week – I hope this goes some way to explaining why.

I wrote a short piece to be read out at the funeral, held today – I couldn’t be there, but Grandpa’s contribution to my life, and to so many others, can’t be understated.

I’ve had many influences in my life, but none so constant and caring as Grandpa and Gran. To hear that Grandpa’s time on this world has ended, when I’m so far away, has been difficult. What it’s made me realise, though, is just how many positive experiences we shared that will be part of me for life. From childhood sleepovers and breakfast in bed at Avonmore Avenue, to Grandpa coaching me through my first ever day of work experience at the Rotary Store, to evenings spent overlooking the Gold Coast at Golden Sands… I can’t help but smile, writing this. In May this year, I spent a week at the shack with Grandpa, Gran and John, and it was magical – stunning, clear skies, the glassy bay, quiet Point Turton days and good company. It was, as Grandpa said, a happy time.

I’ll remember Grandpa for all that he gave me. So many cherished memories like that week at the shack; a perfect role model for kindness and compassion; his unconditional love and support; and for shaping the Robertson family I’m so lucky to be a part of. I’ll never see you again, Grandpa, but you’ll always be a part of who I am and I know I’m better person for the time we spent together. Thankyou for everything.

Grandpa and Gran at Minlaton’s Harvest Corner in May 2010.
The last moments of the last evening I spent with Grandpa, at a place close to both of our hearts. So fortunate to have such a memory!
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One thought on “When someone great is gone

  1. Chris

    Your blog is beautiful and heartfelt.


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