Monday Roulette: The Biggest Yet

Biggest in terms of the number of shots, probably the best in terms of quality of ‘hits’ and only a couple of complete ‘misses’ (sorry Jonny, nothing near 6825 exists for some reason!). Plus, there’s an extra ‘making of’ photo as a bonus. Enjoy this week’s spin…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And as for the bonus… click here (image opens in new window) to see where I stood to get the high-view surf shots (yes, it’s a pretty amazing spot to shoot from!) The shot is from my mate Jords, and I’d highly recommend you check out his tumblr for some serious photographic eye candy. Once you’ve seen that, get your nominations in for next week – I’m going to limit it to two per person, so randomly guess wisely!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Roulette: The Biggest Yet

  1. M@

    4×4.. small wave.. BRIDESMAIDS (WIN)
    Next weeks choices: #8799, #7175 & #275 please… can you post a list of ones that are already chosen each time you do a round on Mondays?

  2. M@

    … oops re-read the ‘two per person’ thing; just #7175 & #275 actually.

  3. Kostas

    That’s unfair. You should have included the whole stich!
    3734 and 683.

  4. Kostas; the whole stitch is here:

    M@; I will make up a list and post it. I did plan on doing that actually, so you’ve given me the motivation I need! Just use it for good, not deliberately picking more bridesmaid photos…


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