Dream Series: Eden

A sepia dream this week; an enchanting town with a deeper history than most in Australia. I first heard about the town – the southernmost on the coast of New South Wales – when idly flicking through documentaries on a lazy Sunday evening. In Eden, a local pack of killer whales would herd passing whales into the bay. Land-based whalers would then row out and, assisted by the orcas, hunt the whales to exhaustion. They’d leave the carcass for the night, to let the orcas eat the tongue of the whale, then return the next day to retrieve the remains. It’s a slightly creepy history, with controversy surrounding the details of the story, but makes for a fascinating tale.

A ship in the wide expanse of Eden’s bay…

Boyd’s Tower, used for spotting whales from the headland. I visited on a wild, windswept day…
The wide main street and the main attraction.
The calm shore of the old whaling station… an eerie place to visit alone. I sat until almost dark next to the rusty remains of some unidentified equipment, still sticking out of the sand after almost a century of disuse.

Oh, and nominations are still open for Monday Roulette – only a few entries so far! I’ll be putting up a list of the numbers which have been used with Monday’s post. Bonus fact: This is post #300!

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4 thoughts on “Dream Series: Eden

  1. Chris

    1954 and 1987

  2. Just a photography question: Do you take your black & white and sepia photos like that, or are you converting colour photographs? What would be the difference in terms of photo quality?

    • I take them in colour 99% of the time. Shooting on digital in RAW means that, even if you apply a colour style (eg BW) in-camera, it still records all the colour data.

      I prefer to process it to BW later because you get more control over the levels; if you want to darken or lighten specific colours (eg use a red or blue filtering process) then it’s easy in Photoshop or equivalent.

      In terms of sharpness, noise etc though it’s no different, I think!


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