Two For Tuesday: A Panorama and a Guest

Another two, this time less than 12 hours off the shutter click… the second is by guest photographer Roberto, who disappeared for a while with my camera at an event last night. He had to give it back – and now I get to blog a shot he took! The last laugh is mine…

Definitely needs to be clicked on to view large… spot the London icons!

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3 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: A Panorama and a Guest

  1. Nice,

  2. Dave, I am organizing a standardization conference June 2013 in West London, would that be OK with you to use part of your London skyline as the conference banner?
    See how I used a panorama from Wikipedia commons for the 1st year of our event in Seattle, WA (I cropped out the part of downtown where we were meeting and played with colours a bit.. to serve as good background for announcements..)
    Sorry, I could not find licensing info on your blog or a contact.. It should be clear that I do not have a budget to pay for the usage of your pic, but of course, I can give you credit on the webpage and leaflets, as I did with the Seattle panorama pic.
    I would appreciate if you could come back to me re this

    • Sorry, I noticed this:
      Creative Commons
      All photos and text, unless otherwise credited, are by David Robertson and are available for you to use under a Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license. If you want to purchase or derive commercial work from any content, please contact me using the details on my About page.
      So I guess, we should be cool. (I attribute your work quoting a likely CC license) Please let me know, if this odes not seem OK.


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