Thursday Teasers: Pictionary and Codes

I thought it’d be easy to draw stuff that happens to me, but it turns out I’m rubbish at drawing. So here’s a couple of hopeless attempts at visual puzzles, along with a couple of cryptic codes for you to break to figure out what’s been up in my world this week.

So see if you can guess the elements of those (2 points for the first, three for the second). Also, here’s three different codes to break; tell me the coded phrase to get points!

1. Jsmfrf om sm rddsu pm dr,opyov sms;udid. (3 points)

2. 845k378411 47 37h05 9ym 0n 547urd4y. (2 points)

3. Mddy ftrnn ftbll n Hyd Prk fllwd by br t nn. (2 points; 1 for partial completion at my discretion)

Solutions from last week:

1 (3 points). Stained white coat closed up // Photographing world’s ending // What a wide subject

This one was a photoshoot in a Chemistry lab, with the theme of “The Apocalypse”, shot using a wide angle lens.

2 (2 points). Empty magazine // I shoot up to King’s Cross tube // Drugs wellcome me there

I went to the Wellcome Collection’s new High Society exhibit (on drug use) to fill the Reviews section of the upcoming I, Science magazine.

3 (3 points). Thirty white soldiers // Despite apples on the lane // A turkey is mine

We went tenpin bowling. Despite spilling a pint of cider all over the place, I managed to hit a triple strike, or a ‘turkey’, which is 30 pins down in 3 balls.

4 (2 points). I stand motionless // Opposite of magenta // A screen, my debut.

I’m going to be an Imperial student blogger (you’ll see that soon), and had to go to a photo and video green-screen shoot, including posing motionless as an action hero of some kind. It was the first greenscreen I’d done.

5 (2 points). Pen, paper, poems // Piccadilly passengers // Puzzled at puzzles

I wrote these haiku on the Piccadilly tube line, using pen and paper, and the people next to me looked very confused when they tried reading over my shoulder.

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Teasers: Pictionary and Codes

  1. M@

    With the codes you’ve created, are they encrypted the same way? I was just wondering cause there could be some clues with determining distinct vowels and constonants.

  2. M@


    3. Mddy ftrnn ftbll n Hyd Prk fllwd by br t nn. (2 points; 1 for partial completion at my discretion)

    Is missing vowles (silly me); So substituting this on

    Midday afternoon football in Hyde Park Followed by ___ to noon.

  3. M@

    2. 845k378411 47 37h05 9ym 0n 547urd4y. (2 points) is leet speaks :p

    Basketball At ethos(??) Gym On Saturday

  4. M@

    Bah I meant to post; Midday afternoon football in Hyde Park Followed by BEER to noon!

  5. Well played M@… you didn’t quite get the correct interpretation of #3, there were a couple of words wrong, but it’s definitely a point. And the 1337 is spot on, so 3 points total!

    I missed a couple of late entries in the last puzzle thread but I’ll update the leaderboard soon…

  6. Right, well Kostas picked up 3 last-minute points in the previous addition for puzzles #2 and 3. So with your points M@, we have current standings:

    m@ – 4 points
    Kostas – 3 points
    Chris – 2 points
    Peter – 2 points

  7. Chris

    The first picture is of David penning his own version of the “Wizard of OZ”. I can see Dorothy and Toto going “Over a Rainbow” and the torndao that hit Kansas. So, are you writing a new musical for the Imperial Review?

  8. Chris

    Or maybe you just went to see the group Toto playing at a gig????

  9. Chris

    The second picture is of David having trouble sleeping at Clayponds because the neighbours are playing their music too loudly while they play computer games late at night…or not!

  10. Chris

    Handed in an essay on Semiotic analysis

  11. OK, you got the code and the first image (well, you got the elements of it at least). The image is just me listening to Toto while writing at my computer (I wish I’d seen them live!) The code was, for those interested, simply written by shifting one key right on the standard QUERTY keyboard.

    So the second puzzle remains to be solved, and the third code isn’t quite right either.

    Chris – 7 points
    m@ – 4 points
    Kostas – 3 points
    Peter – 2 points

  12. Kostas

    Right, so following my last minute tradition:

    For the second one I have two guesses:
    a) You are dreaming of an experiment where you had somebody play songs to you and record your brain activity, or
    b) You overslept while somebody was doing a broadcast on the radio.

    And for 3:
    Muddy afternoon football in Hyde Park followed by beer at Union.

    Vowels missing…Coincidence?

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