Monday Roulette: A New Wheel

Right, well, you’re all starting to get a bit of a feel for my photo library now: lots of stuff, lots of stuff that’s not very interesting, and some good shots here and there! It’s been a great trip down memory lane for me, and you’ll all have one more shot at the Photo Roulette after this week, but today’s is a new game… explained below! But first, this week’s results: Kostas picks some watery fun, M@ goes trawling into wedding photos again (which I decided to veto because they were ‘weepy relative shots’ – so I just allocated similar new numbers instead) and there’s another pretty mixed bag!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what’s this week’s spin? Why, it’s blog roulette!

How do you play? Easy! Click here and you’ll be thrown randomly to one of over 300 posts I’ve made here. Then, leave a comment at the post. Your comment could be related to the post, it could be something totally unrelated, it could just be “this is where I ended up!” Next Monday I’ll round up where everyone went, and maybe (just maybe) make a graph joke out of it. If you ask really nicely.

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One thought on “Monday Roulette: A New Wheel

  1. These have been some aweesum captured shots in this one! Luved every single one of them.


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