Thursday Teasers: Solutions!

You guys are pretty good at this. Much better than me. I’ve decided that, until poetic inspiration strikes me again on the tube, I’m going to shelve the Teasers (thereby making it my shortest-run regular feature, with 2 episodes). But we need answers!

Last week I posed two picture puzzles and three codes. The solutions were, in order:

Picture 1: I was writing an essay while listening to the band Toto (hence, the Dorothy/Rainbow reference)

Picture 2: While in bed, I dreamed up an idea for a radio show, in which there’s an interview done via polygraph test. Tough one, yes.

Code 1 was “Handed in an essay on Semiotic analysis” – shifting the keys used to type the sentence to the right.

Code 2 was “Basketball At ethos Gym On Saturday” – replacing letters with numbers.

Code 3 was “Muddy afternoon football in Hyde Park followed by beer at Union”, which M@ part solved and Kostas finished off.

So the final scoreboard:

  • Chris – 7 points
  • Kostas – 5 points
  • m@ – 4 points
  • Peter – 2 points

Thanks to all the contestants! And in other news, I’ve had an exciting week! First, and obviously, it has snowed.

My childish excitement, usually already substantial, has multiplied this week.

I’ve also helped out with the production of a music video, and was in the front row of the studio audience for BBC3’s Russell Howard’s Good News, a somewhat crude topical news comedy show. Ben and I had our minds read at one point, so I’ll be on the TV if we make the final cut. Hooray!

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Teasers: Solutions!

  1. Chris

    Snow. Yay! Woo Hoo! So beautiful.

  2. M@

    Heh, how did you manage to score that gig on the BBC3 tv show?


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