When Snow becomes Man

Yesterday evening I made my first snowman! You can read about the creation at my new Imperial student blog here; there’s also some extra photos. Here’s a couple that didn’t make it into that blog, for your viewing pleasure!

Proudly posing with our epic creation.
Craig telling off his snowchild for being naughty.
The Snow Sentinel of Clayponds Village.
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4 thoughts on “When Snow becomes Man

  1. Nice snowman for a couple of amateurs! See you didn’t go for the usual 3-snowball design.

    • Yes, we struggled mightily to actually get any kind of snowball larger than a basketball happening. There probably wasn’t a thick enough snow layer, or we were doing it wrong! He’s currently starting to melt and leaning dangerously… it’s back up to 3C!

  2. Hi David, Lisa (Notes from Africa) sent me a link to your blog post. I think because of my blog post http://wp.me/p11yuf-aQ – have a look and you’ll see why!
    Keep warm!
    Sunshine :-)

  3. Chris

    What a classy snowman. Looks like he would travel business class. So sad that he had to melt so quickly.


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