Dream Series: Misty Mountains

The rain continued unabated, a steady drumbeat on the steel shelter roof. I was alone in Washpool National Park. The meager light of my cheap camp lamp was barely enough to read by; I gave up and went to sleep. I awoke to a misty dreamland of muted, rich greens and browns, the shapes of the usually-harsh Australian landscape softened by the all-encompassing rain.

Remote farmland, studded with trees and laced with wire fences…

The path to a lonely lookout. I didn’t see another person in this whole park.
The clouds formed a soft roof, a cotton wool blanket pulled over the land.
Oxley Falls was in full force, the roaring torrent filling the gorge with an ominous rumble…
I snatched glimpses of distant cliffs through the trees as I hiked alone.
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2 thoughts on “Dream Series: Misty Mountains

  1. very nice

  2. Chris

    Such a beautiful place. I have never been as alone as that, ever. How did it feel?


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