Monday Roulette: Your Last Spin, and Requests

Righto, well, last week’s Roulette experiment didn’t go so well, but this one is a double cracker to finish the series off with. Here’s the deal: you can pick a number between 1-10000 for the photo, and I’ll also halve it and put up the associated song from my iTunes playlist, which is about 5000 songs long.

So you get one final chance to rummage about in my photo library, and take a look at my music taste as well!

Not only that… I’m likely to be making my Imperial College radio debut on Thursday on This Place Is Empty, as a fill-in presenter. It’s on Thursday, 10am UK time, 8pm Brisbane time and 9pm at other Aussie East Coast locations. I’ll be taking requests for the show – so put up your song requests here, and I’ll throw them all into a hat and draw out some to play on the show!

Because it’s just not appropriate to end a post without a photo, here’s a recent one…

#3253: Crisp morning sunlight, textures and lines…
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8 thoughts on “Monday Roulette: Your Last Spin, and Requests

  1. Sean

    Play Nerd Alert by Aquabats. Because you are a nerd.

    • I have an extra special song by them already on my ‘to play’ list. And it will be dedicated to you. So you’d better listen. 8pm Thursday.

  2. Chris

    #8754 and Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd, or an uplifting Polyphonic Spree song.
    Will be listening.

  3. Kostas

    1313 is the final one then!
    I would ask for Radiohead, but since it’s a morning show, play anything by Wombats if you have. Otherwise Feeling Good, the Muse version.

  4. Can I ask for two photos and no song? My photo picks are 3162 and 3191. Choose either or both.

  5. Sean

    Will I have to stream it online? Details!

    • It’s better if you do, because then we get the joy of seeing our tiny number of live listeners go up, but you can re-stream it at any time off the IC Radio website, I’ll link to it on facebook once we’re done.


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