Two for Tuesday: Science Museum

These are the same photo. Examine them in order; which one’s more interesting? (You can click on the bottom one for a larger version…)

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6 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Science Museum

  1. will

    The second one is much more interesting to me. The colours and shapes are really cool, especially the contrast between the large white blob shape, and the triangle type shape of the stair case… nice.

  2. Nathan

    Both interesting, but the first one does it for me. I like the geometry of it… the blob-thingy kinda distracted me a bit in the second shot.

  3. Chris

    Gotta say #2 The first one looks like a dull railway station. The giant ‘ant egg from outer space’ made the second shot futuristic, especially with the bright blues in the background.

  4. I prefer #2. The dim lighting in the venue makes for a very dark black & white photo.

  5. jarrah95

    im gunna be different, i like the first one more, theres more leading lines and less distractions.

  6. Cheers for the feedback! It was a tough one, I think if the woman in the top photo (bottom right) had been wearing something contrasting, it would be my favourite, but instead I like the second one.

    I found it interesting to have two such potentially different scenes in the same shot…


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