Getting up to date

Phew. What a week. And it’s not over yet! I’m recovering from a good social night last night and trying to get mentally prepared for a football session in Hyde Park this afternoon. But that only scratches the surface of all the excitement! (Oh, and I suspect I did talk a bit too much rubbish in transit from the Union Bar to Old Street last night… apologies to those on the receiving end…)

Defying the chill to get out for some open-air exercise!

The crisp winter sun is beautiful, but too rare!

I managed to get the last assessment item of the year done, so I feel quite relaxed now – a month until term starts again, sure, we have classes next week, but the pressure is off! I celebrated by making my debut on Imperial College Radio, filling in for regular presenter Adrian on This Place Is Empty under the careful guidance of the amazing Polly. You can re-stream it here if want to hear me fumbling about with buttons and talking rubbish in between music.

Next up… two projects I helped in the ‘making of’ have come to fruition this week, see my student blog to find out what they were!

Moving rapidly along, I had volleyball on Tuesday and Wednesday, including a game with the first team. I’m nowhere near good enough to play for them in a serious capacity but was invited along to pick up some court time. While they didn’t play as well as they were hoping I still had fun, there’s a lot of subtleties to the game, especially when it comes to adjusting to unorthodox situations as a team, which I have no idea about and need to learn. And we won 3-1, so it was hardly a disaster.

The transition from basketball to volleyball has been an interesting one, especially the muscle memory for jumping: basketball and volleyball require very different styles!

What else? Oh, that’s right! I have a new toy. But you’ll have to wait and see what that is. Coming up this weekend I’m photographing (and partaking in) the revelry of the Clayponds Christmas Party, enjoying the bonus Volleyball training on Sunday and then I’m off to see Frank Turner on Sunday evening! Booyah!

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2 thoughts on “Getting up to date

  1. M@

    So you’ve not been caught up in any of the recent student protests about uni fees being jacked up?

    • No. A few reasons; one, I’m unimpressed by the behaviour and nature of the protests – it’s a minority doing the wrong thing but I don’t want to put myself in a dangerous situation; two, I don’t understand the politics of the UK enough to know if budget cuts in education are justified or necessary; three, I am paying from my own pocket more than the proposed increased fees anyway, so it doesn’t make me that sympathetic; and four, there’s no way I’m going to cut a class which is costing me £80 an hour to attend.

      Don’t take that to mean I agree with the fee increase – basically, I don’t know enough about it to get out and protest, and don’t think it’d be effective anyway. They did block my way to a tube station the other week though.


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