Sunday Science: The Human Condition

My human condition, to be precise. The past couple of days have been massively hectic! Today I experienced firsthand the effects of a self-inflicted personal chemistry experiment, beautifully explained by my fellow Sci Commer Lizzie in this post about the science of a hangover.

The Clayponds Christmas Party was mental... photos and videos to follow!

I’ve also taken my new toy for a spin around Imperial, an excellently hosted house party with mulled wine, mince pies and other festive things… here’s what I am talking about:

My new Minolta X-500 film SLR. Hooray for film and hooray for cheap cameras!

I must shout out to Sam from Photo Society for nabbing this bad boy off ebay for me… it seems to have been going well so far! Anyway, because this is supposed to be a post about science, I’m going to direct you to more coolposts by ‘Commers: George has a moving post about Alzheimer’s, Jack’s covered the flora and fauna of London, and on a non-science note, Anna describes her stance on the recent student protests, which, from my somewhat outside perspective, sums up pretty much where I stand as well.

Unfortunately, my home internet is down at the moment, so posts here are temporarily postponed and I think Monday’s final Roulette will be at least a day late. Normal transmission will resume on Tuesday or Wednesday with much exciting content to come!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Science: The Human Condition

  1. jo

    ohh old school, looking forward to new snappy snaps!


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