My Top 5 Live Performances of 2010

And the roundup begins! I’ve been to plenty of gigs this year, torturing my ear drums and jumping all over the place. Here’s my top five musical moments. I’ve provided youtube links for each song, but as you can imagine, they simply cannot be done justice when recorded – the sound quality will be rubbish, for a start, but the vibe of a gig is the main reason I go to shows, and it’s stripped away by bad video!

  1. See Me/Feel Me & Pinball Wizard – Polyphonic Spree, SoCo Carnivale. This was probably the most uplifting and amazing gig I’ve been to. Everyone was decked out in free, crazy outfits on entry and the Spree bounced through their best hits and some amazing covers, of which Lithium, She’s A Rainbow and Pinball Wizard stole the show. Phenomenal.
  2. Plug In Baby – Muse, Big Day Out. It’s got the riff of the decade and Matt goes ballistic for it. A Muse song I didn’t really fancy at first but it’s grown to be one of my favourites.
  3. Photosynthesis – Frank Turner, Brixton Academy/The Zoo. I saw Frank play this song twice: Once to a crowd of perhaps 100 in Australia, on a chilled out acoustic night, and once to a crowd of 5000 screaming, dancing people in a huge indoor venue. Both times it was great.
  4. Dance yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem, Alexandra Palace. This song had one of the coolest lead-ins I’ve seen live. Simple, slowly building percussion and a killer synth hook to bring everyone to life.
  5. The Rake’s Song – The Decemberists, Big Day Out. I hadn’t heard much from these guys before the Big Day Out but this song blew me away. It’s hard to see in the videos but the bass from the floor drums was stunning and the drama of the song – it’s about a villianous, murderous father – was amplified by the intense percussion score.

There you have it – my top 5 live music experiences of 2010. Honourable mentions go to the Aquabats for ‘Pizza Day’ at Soundwave Festival, Faith No More for Ashes to Ashes on the same day, Steve and the miscellaneous Jammers for their excellent work at JNVII, and Hot Chip for the very funky One Life Stand. Did you see anything memorable? Share it here!

Acoustic acoustics.
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3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Live Performances of 2010

  1. Chris

    Polyphonic Spree was awesome, not the least reason being that Tim De Laughter held my hand and serenaded me with ‘Soldier Girl’. Unforgettable night!

  2. John

    Showing my age and my limited live music for the year, but Neil Young, at 65, did a more than fair show at the 2010 Gold Coast Big Day Out.

    • Actually that was 2009! This year was Muse, Powderfinger and The Mars Volta on the main stage. Neil was in my list for last year though if you dig back and find it!


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