Bonus Photos: More snow… in colour!

I had to put them up somewhere, right? They’re a different tone to the Dream Series post; the light, while great for black and white shots, was also stunning in colour at times. Enjoy!

A severed stump, cauterised by fresh snow!
This squirrel was fighting another, running around the trunk in circles. I was rapt.
One of my favourite shots yet of London… amazing!
Kostas under a huge tree in the South Ealing graveyard. So much snow!
As the light faded, muted tones emerged on friday afternoon…
It was those moments of sunshine that were the best though!
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5 thoughts on “Bonus Photos: More snow… in colour!

  1. I love your snow pics!

  2. M@

    Snow around the base of a tree melts first because trees radiate heat generated as a byproduct of metabolic reactions and also from the composting of detritus such as leaves and fallen twigs/branches/fruits etc.

    • M@

      Other hypotheses include the fact that since tree trunks are generally dark coloured, they would have a higher heat-absorption coefficient than that of snow. Also meltwater may accumulate at the base of the tree, influencing the rate of melting. And (as suggested by my brother) finally, depending on how large the tree actually is, the canopy may simply prevent the falling of snow closer to the base of the tree.

      • That’s true. However I think it would also depend on external variables. Trees form a buffer against wind, so snow may start forming drifts at their base, which might outweigh the heat effect.

        I certainly didn’t notice a particularly major effect, not yet at least.

  3. Love the one with snow on the branches & gravestones.


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