Dream Series: South Ealing

Most of my dreams are of faraway lands and distant memories; but some experiences leave a temporary imprint on my mind, like a footprint in fresh snow, destined to fade but vivid and crisp for a single night. I’ve managed to snatch such a dream before it slips through the cracks of my mind, and here you can share it…

The thin, fluffly layer of fresh snow and crisp sunshine cast dramatic shadows in the park.

The patterns and lines of the bright white snow and hard shadows were arresting.

Mundane items like drain lids become icons, betraying their difference from the surrounding pavement.

Fresh footprints cross the new surface, temporary reminders of a fleeting moment's passage.

The sudden chill brings a smile to the face of those out and about, but no-one stops at the benches...

There’s only going to be one more dream in the series… where will it be? You’ll find out on Christmas Day!

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7 thoughts on “Dream Series: South Ealing

  1. Chris

    It was the stillness that struck me in all of those shots. Each one a moment of peace.

  2. Kostas

    The last two are brilliant!
    I believe you owe one more post with the same theme now though.

    • I agree Kostas, today was even more amazing! Even Johnny was impressed! I am just about to have a look through the shots… and have a hot chocolate.

  3. Always thought that colour is better for snow photography. Now I’m not so sure. These are brilliant!

  4. George

    Stunning pictures Dave. I also enjoyed the colour ones immensely. Have a lovely Christmas.

  5. Very inspirational, thank you!

  6. Stunning.


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