Benny B Good: Open Mic at Camden

The current crop of Imperial Science Communicators is bursting at the seams with musical ability; last week, I went along to hear Alex and Chloe in the IC Chamber Choir, and on Sunday a crew of us made the trek to Camden to hear Ben at an open mic night.

Ninja Ben, ready to launch a heartfelt, acoustic stealth attack…

It was great! I was really impressed by the standard of everyone on the night – Ben gave ’em a healthy dose of soulful covers, while other acts ranged from powerful female soul/punk to a quiet, but very talented, Asian gentleman who hushed the crowd with his bittersweet guitar.

Here’s a clip of Ben: the lighting was absolutely atrocious, though I should have exposed a bit better. Sorry Ben, hope it’s still a nice memoir of the night, next time I’ll nail it!

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2 thoughts on “Benny B Good: Open Mic at Camden

  1. Chris

    Ben reminds me heaps of Will at GU.

    • Haha, that’s because you don’t know them! Both top guys but quite different characters!

      Though I’ll bet Ben could do a killer Lady Gaga cover too.


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