Merry Christmas

For all the blather surrounding Christmas – it’s too commercialised, it’s too Christian, it’s not Christian enough, blah blah – I still look forward to it each year. I get an excuse to catch up with family and friends, eat good food and sit around and chat. Having a national opportunity to do that, no matter the reason, is OK by me.

I also get an excuse to visit the rolling plains of South Australia…

However, this year’s going to be a little different. Rather than a champagne breakfast on the beach (a rather indulgent Gold Coast activity), or big family bashes with Gran or Sean’s famous mince pies, I’m in London. There’s ice on the pavement outside and Skype is playing up, which reinforces the distance from home – internet communication can make ten thousand miles trivial, until it stops working!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’ve had cards and messages from people all over the place in the past couple of weeks and to be honest, the chance to unwind and relax after such a hectic 3 months of working and socialising is very welcome. Plus, WordPress gave me an early present by featuring a recent post on their frontpage, which was a nice little bonus (increasing my all-time view count by 50% in a single stroke!).

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In the spirit of a UK Christmas, here’s the Wombats…

And the bittersweet Brand New…

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6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Peter

    merry christmas david.

    the champagne on the beach may have required a lot of umbrellas this year anyway – why is there no monsoonal christmas tradition?

    ah yes, the race for the british christmas number 1 hit. billy mack will always be hard to top for me.



    • Thanks Pete! Perhaps a festive slip’n’slide in the back garden?

      Did you hear about the Christmas #1 thing last year, when a big campaign ran to beat ‘the X factor single’ which has been winning every year recently? Hundreds of thousands of people bought digital copies of ‘Killing in the Name Of’ by Rage Against The Machine (the one with the lyrics ‘F*** you I won’t do what you tell me’, appropriate enough as a protest against the X factor) and it won the #1 spot. A classic for the online age I think!

  2. Champagne on the beach sounds soooo good! :)

  3. This song is great, something different for holiday. The Wombats!

  4. Chris

    Hey Dave. Merry Christmas. Sorry I was not able to talk on Christmas Day. Can’t wait for next Skype. Love ya!

    • Hey, hope you’re having a great time in Adelaide! Was a shame we missed the Skype but just let me know when you’re going to be able to get online again and we can catch up.


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