Sunday Science: Funny and Breathtaking

Let’s start with breathtaking shall we? You might have seen this already; if not, take your socks off, because otherwise these photos will knock them off. It’s a collection of stunning images from the International Space Station astronaut Douglas Wheelock. Nuts. Go check them out, then come back for a laugh…

Click through to go to the SMBC comic site.

Try it. If you have wikipedia on hand, these conversations can go on for hours. Science: it’s for people who want to know why.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Science: Funny and Breathtaking

  1. Amryl Malek

    I think the father were answering wrongly, he should answer on the moral issue, because the kid is asking why n not how.

    • Yes, that’s the logical flaw in the comic. He probably should have answered why he was watching her doing her homework. I guess he just wanted to sound smart! The point’s still a funny one though… I’ve sometimes tried to take the ‘why’ question sequence to the end, it’s impossible!

  2. Chris


  3. This is Nature’s way of limiting the population. Somehow the desire fades……


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