Until 2011!

I’ve got a few posts in the works (some pretty cool ones, I reckon) but right now I feel like a bit of a break from the blogging grind. I’ll leave you with a few unseen photos from my 2010 archive, and be back full steam in 2011. Happy New Year everyone!

A new one from my frogging session with Clay and Nic, which led to my first WordPress frontpage…

Red Rock sickness. Kind of hard to believe I surfed this on my own.
A sunny Autumn day at Innes, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia… one of my favourite places.
Looking north towards Wollongong from a stunning winter vantage point. Click for full size!
Vertigo at the Cliffs of Moher… check the size of the people for scale!
A beach near Galway, looking stunning but oversaturated…
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8 thoughts on “Until 2011!

  1. You lucky rascal! My life seems so boring now!lol
    Stay safe and let us know where you plan to travel next. Maybe the Amazon?

    I think it would be interesting if you would include some photos of the locals.

  2. p.s. My favorite is The Cliffs of Moher. I’m afraid of heights, and would probably pass out if I looked over the edge!lol Wish you had taken some photos of the people and houses, small towns etc…

    Stay Safe!

  3. David,
    I think I will suggest something that I hope you will do.

    If you have not read C.S. Lewis, I would like to suggest that you do so. I truly believe that it will have an impact on you. (all good)

    The Weight of Glory

    Mere Christianity

    Chronicles of Narnia


    • Thanks for the comments! I’ve read the Narnia series as a child, a truly epic series.

      I have some good photos of the small towns and buildings around the place, but not so much the locals – it’s one area of my photography I know I need to expand on, ‘people’ shots in general, because they can be amazing and tell such a story!

  4. Happy new year for you too!!

  5. Chris

    I never tire of lookimg at your shots. I agree that some people shots would be good. Especially to help put your new life in a social context as well as a ‘physical’ context.

  6. All beautiful photos. You really are good at this panoramic/stitch photography. I’ve been practising and it isn’t easy!

  7. Thanks! I think the biggest thing I realised is that you need two things – photos with no vignette or distortion, and good software!

    I find a focal distance of about 30mm (on a 1.6 crop body) is ideal, and stop down a bit to ensure the lens isn’t going to vignette. That will get rid of unsightly lines in the image. The next is to shoot more of the panorama than you think you’ll need, especially low shots. It’s a huge pain to stitch it together and realise you’re cropping stuff out because you missed a bit.

    Finally, Photoshop’s CS3 stitch does a decent job, then touch it up and voila!


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