Leaving behind the ghosts

Phew! I’m probably sound asleep right now; it’s New Year’s Day, and this is my first post for 2011. Let’s take a quick look at the year that’s gone by, then forge on forward into the future…

I spent the best part of 2010 immersing myself in things I love: science, travel, photography and surf. This blog has reflected that very closely, with two posts about nature highlighted on the WordPress frontpage and dozens of others offering me a chance to share the amazing things I’d seen and places I’d visited.

Sunset at the northern tip of Australia.

I moved on from an average of 9 hits per day in 2009 to 85 per day in 2010 – though there was a big uptick at the end of the year due to the latest frontpage; I’ve been hovering on the 50 hits mark of late. It all kicked off when I set myself the target of blogging daily in March – since then I’ve found my ‘voice’ and writing has come much more easily.

No longer am I taunted by the ghosts of writer’s block…

My life’s been driven by the endless quest for new. Since moving to London, a host of extra things could go on the list from that post; perhaps I’ll elaborate further in 2011! While I’ve been drifting in the Christmas doldrums for the past week, I thought hard about what I value. A sense of unfailing wonder and a desire to explore and discover still burns brightly in me, despite the damp, cold weather and tube strikes I find myself negotiating on a daily basis.

The Piccadilly Line running past my local stop…

That’s enough navel-gazing for now, though: time to shake off the lingering nostalgia from my road trip and see where I’m going. The dominant one, obviously, is the remaining three terms of my Science Communication Masters degree at Imperial. The course so far has been fun and stimulating, though the academics warn it gets pretty tough later on! Lots of practical modules, lots of group work and a thesis. Oh, plus exams. I’d better start training my writing hand again.

Life after September is a huge question mark. I have no idea what opportunities will arise for me between now and then; I may stay in London, travel anywhere in the world, or end up back in Australia. The prospect’s a strange and exciting one; I just hope that one of those paths becomes clear before I actually get kicked out of my room at the end of September!

I’ve also got plans for more live music appearances, more film photography, radio work and video – you’re in for a positive feast of media this year – and, of course, making the most of the events and opportunities London has to offer. On a more sentimental note, I look forward to getting to better know the interesting people I’ve met so far in the UK – three months just isn’t enough!

OK, I’m at risk of turning this into an essay. I’ll stop. Welcome to 2011; I hope you’ll be able to share the journey with me!

Looking out at a totally new horizon!
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7 thoughts on “Leaving behind the ghosts

  1. sarahsei

    Beautiful blog. 2010 had sure been a great and fulfilling year for you. I wish you all the best for this year. :)

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. :D

  2. Good pics!

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your life journey. Hopefully, 2011 will give you more great opportunities. Cheers!

  4. Toasty1

    Thank you for sharing your adventures! Please stay safe.

  5. Chris

    Just to let you know that you carry the pride and love of your parents with you into the new 2011 horizon. Your blogs are a constant source of interest and wonder, as well as being a way for us to feel close to you. Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks everyone! It’s gotten off to a good start, hopefully the next 363 days will be even more fun.

  7. Just enjoy every day you’re in London (I’m more than a little envious of your studying there! :-)). Live in the moment. There’s no point in worrying about the future.

    Happy New Year! Best wishes for the coming year.


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