Cosmic Love

When one space shuttle loves an International Space Station very much, what do you get? Well, actually, it’s kind of hard to see. They’re both so darn far away! What you need is a third party in the mix: a matchmaker, a wedding photographer, someone to facilitate and share the love…

Yes. That’s the Space Shuttle Atlantis maneuvering to dock with the International Space Station, in front of the sun. Click on the image above to see photographer Thierry Legault’s full size image (a must!), a quick explanation of what it shows and how he pulled it off, and a real-time video showing the transit (I promise it’s very short). Enjoy, sungazers!

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3 thoughts on “Cosmic Love

  1. This picture is really amazing! I saw a similar to this yesterday.

  2. Man, the perspective helps me realize how damn big the sun really is. Outstanding.

  3. M@

    That’s really cool :)


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